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Emerald Gemstones
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Emerald Gemstones Emerald Stone Aquamarine and White Sapphire Cushion Cut Gemstone Ring in Recycled and Tarnish… Stones & Their Uses Page for Book of Shadows Crystal Correspondences BOS Pages
Huge emerald :: Meet the Gachala Emerald! This stunner is one of the largest and most famous uncut emeralds in the world. Currently residing at the Smithsonian Institution in New York, the Gachala was discovered in 1967 in Colombia, where rare types of emeralds are often found. Weighing a hefty 858 carats (172 g), the Gachala Emerald is an example of the pure beauty of uncut gems

‘Blue Necklace’ by Cartier. A famous Art Deco diamond and sapphire necklace created in 1936.

ALL Natural Freeform, MEXICAN Fire Agate GEM stone Multicolored 16×7

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