The Plum Blossom necklace of rubies and diamonds by Stenzhorn Jewelers (=)

Ruby Necklaces
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Ruby Necklaces Genuine ruby necklace ruby station necklace solitaire necklace 18k Gold Diamond and Ruby Necklace – Yafa Jewelry
Cartier Sautoir, 1930, special order, platinum, diamonds, rubies, pearls.

Rare & highly important ruby & diamond necklace, Late 19th Century – The 5th Earl of Rosebery is believed to have purchased this necklace & earrings as a present for his wife, who passed it down to her daughter, the Marchioness of Crewe who, in turn, gave it to her daughter, Mary, Duchess of Roxburghe. A suite containing a necklace & earrings, the necklace contains 24 cushion-shaped rubies & 24 similarly shaped diamonds that dates to the late 19th century [Sold for $5.77 million]

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