Ruby.Baja la fiebre, eleva la presión sanguínea, estimula la circulación, las glándulas suprarrenales y los órganos sexuales.

Ruby Gemstones
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Ruby Gemstones 11x9mm BEST GRADE! SNAKE SKIN! Superb Play of Rainbow! Museum!Welo Black Opal
RARE GEMSTONE: CUPRITE – 93.6 CT. Emke Mine, Ongangja, Seeis, Khomas Region, Namibia This rare gemstone is a companion piece to Lot 87011 on an earlier section of this auction. All large gemstones of this mineral are most likely derived from this one-time-only find at the Emke Copper Mine. The stunning, deep ruby red color can best be appreciated under strong incandescent lighting or in transmission.

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