How do you build a ‪‎jewelry‬ ‪treasure‬ chest to rival that of the ‪‎Crown‬ ‪Jewels‬? Marry a ‪Prince‬, of course. Today’s blog post, “A Princess’ Guide To Building An Amazing Jewelry Collection” might help the average gal figure out her own course of action. And, of course, there are ‪pretty‬ ‪pictures‬ to feast your eyes on too. ***** ‪* ‎estate jewelry‬ ‪* ‎vintage‬ ‪* antique‬ ‪* antiques ‬* royalty‬ * ‎princess‬ ‪* diamonds * emeralds * Christies

Emerald Necklaces
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Emerald Necklaces Emerald Bridal Necklace Gold Green Bride Necklace Swarovski Crystal Dark Green…… Emerald & diamond necklace @Sutra Jewels #Bjc #Sutra #Jewelleryarabia2015

Sumptuous necklace featuring more than 100 carats of emeralds by @Yessayan Jewelry You can find a lot of beautiful things at Dubai Jewellery Week. Photo thanks to YESSAYAN Jewelry, salon1 #Yessayan HauteJoaillerie #

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