Rolex Super Starry (Starry most expensive gold watch), the table itself everywhere inlaid with diamonds and rubies, the table is set with a total of 700 diamonds, total weight of 7 kt!

Ruby Jewelry
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Ruby Jewelry 40 Latest Wedding Ring Designs: Memories Remain Alive! A red ruby ring roundup… Good, Great, or just OK? Vintage Jewelry

Complementing the Cartier ring is a unique suite by American jewelry designer James W. Currens. The cabochon ruby-and-diamond “Fireworks” necklace is comprised of 20 rubies totaling 108.13 carats. The matching earrings are adorned with four rubies weighing 27.39 carats. The necklace and earrings are valued at $ 2.4- $ 3.2 million.

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