Do you remember back in October when I posted The First Of Many Lush Hauls? Well, today I am back with another round up of all things Lush and this one is solely dedicated to bath bombs and bubble bar

Ruby Gemstones
Ruby Gemstones 18 k gold inlay natural ruby pendant female GIA Certified 2.92ct Natural Ruby Diamond Ring 14kt Cluster prime✨ 20.95CT.HUGE! ROUGH TOP BLOOD RED NATURAL RUBY MADAGASCAR FREE SHIPP! 18 k gold inlay natural ruby pendant female

18 k white gold with natural ruby ring female fine jewelry Contracted joker money redGenuine Victorian natural Ruby and Diamond by AntiqueVelvetGloves 14k Yellow Gold Oval Bezel Natural Ruby Red Coral Band Ring 4.79CT.CHARMING! HEART FACET PINKISH RED NATURAL RUBY MOZAMBIQUE #GEMNATURAL Natural Ruby Stone | 38 Cts NATURAL PIGEON BLOOD RED MOZAMBIQUE RUBY GEMSTONE Natural ruby and Sterling silver choker Unique piece. Makes quite the statement, especially when it’s polished and clean. (Of course I will polish and clean the silver before sending it to any buyer) Jewelry Necklaces