Learn about the history, facts, healing properties, color, characteristics and how to care for October’s Birthstone, Opal.

Emerald Gemstones
Emerald Gemstones Emerald – known as “the stone of successful love,” providing sensitivity and loyalty to its wearers. The symbology and meaning of emerald is also one of mental discernment, giving the ability to make a “right” choice. It brings harmony, action and progress. emerald green things | … Handcrafted Jewellery · Emerald – The Green of Glowing Things Sterling Silver Ring with Emerald stone, Statement Silver Ring, Large Silver Ring, Contemporary Design, Handmade Silver Ring, Hallmarked by AngeBDesigns on Etsy This sacred ancient stone awakens and activates the heart chakra and connects one to pure energy of Divine Love. It expands, opens and nurtures the heart and its associated chakras to awaken the feelings of unconditional love and compassion within you. It’s a soothing stone that helps you to understand your own needs and emotions clearly. Emerald is the stone dedicated to the Goddess Venus and represents love, renewal and growth. Emerald has many healing properties, especially those…

Rare and Precious Stones 1930’s encyclopedia page. door Route44WestA Magnificent Victorian Emerald and Diamond Brooch Heavy Created Emerald Ring Engagement Ring/ by CarrieStudio A natural raw emerald. #jaipurlife #raw #jewels #gems #emerald EMERALD Loyalty and success. Open and activates heart. Brings harmony to all areas. Vibrates with love. Helps with depression, mental or emotional disorders. Emerald

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