The Witch Is In : Ruby Aura quartz

Ruby Gemstones
Ruby Gemstones Russian hand carved agate miniature rabbit figure. Finely carved throughout with cabochon cut ruby stones set to eyes in 18k yellow gold bezels. Rabbit is standing on hind legs with red hardstone carrot with nephrite jade barbs. Ruby, The July Birthstone Gianfranco Bigli | LBV ♥✤ By @cartier #burmaruby #ruby #diamonds #ring #mm_mucevhermagazin

Note the Ruby prongsPrincess Diana – 1992 Diana’s ruby-sapphire and pearl earrings are an interesting pair in that one has an oval ruby with a pearl (left) and the other as an oval sapphire with a pearl (right). Ruby stones surround the pearl drops on both earrings. Diana wore these during her tour of South Korea in November 1992. By @cartier #burmaruby #ruby #diamonds #ring #mm_mucevhermagazin Persian+Scenarium++Recycled+Tin+Jewelry+and+Ruby+stone+by+Tribalis,+$52.00 Ruby crystal in green Zoisite