Delicate openwork details on a vintage style Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring by S. Kind & Co.

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Antiques Jewelry An incredible antique ruby and diamond ring from Faerber New York. Seen at the Original Miami Antique Show. Antique-Ruby-Cranberry-Icicle-Glass-Scent-Bottle-Charles-May-Silver-Lid-1887-HM Two fantastic antique ruby five stone rings from Craig Evan Small. Spotted at the Vegas Antique Jewelry Show. Antique Ruby & Diamond Ring – Edwardian 18ct and Platinum Ruby Engagement Ring

Antique Ruby Ring Vintage Art Deco W. SapphireAntique Ruby Ring Vintage Art Deco W. Sapphire Stunning Pair Of Antique Ruby Glass Oil Peg Lamps | 460663 | Antique Ruby Red Silver Scent Bottle rare 4th july edition 1880 Victorian Independence Day by OblitusThesauros on Etsy Antique Ruby Ring with Floral and Filigree I’m in love with this ring. So feminine and romantic. Antique Ruby Ring – Edwardian Ruby & Diamond 18ct Gold Antique Cluster Ring